MX Player Original Thinkistan Season 2 Review: Kiska hoga Thinkistan?

Thinkistan revolves around the lives of people working for an Ad agency, a web series which is based on the advertising world of the ’90s. On 6 September’19 MX player came up with the Season 2 of Thinkistan, but this time there is a twist in the web series. The dirty politics of the advertising world hits the MTMC office.

Season 2 is not only about Hema (Shravan Reddy) and Amit (Naveen Kasturia), it has got a much bigger perspective to it. The business head of MTMC – Anushka (Mandira Bedi) ‘The boss we all wish to have’ has been replaced by William (Neil Bhoopalam).

William is a thief, he doesn’t steal things, but ‘Ideas’. This results in interpersonal conflicts in the office, the beautiful culture of MTMC has been trashed.

Thinkistan S2

The handling of Change in the administration is the focus of season 2. A good leader is very important for the growth of a company as well as its employees. As William takes over from Anushka as creative director of MTMC, employees are unhappy, it is difficult for them to accept the change.

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Thinkistan s2

Hema and Amit are gaining success, they complete each other in many ways. Their exchange of thoughts, ideas, and mentality of growing up in small-town and city is helping them to grow in the industry. But politics happening in MTMC is a big concern for them as well.

Broken friendships, resignations and ego issues are creating problems professionally as well as personally. Also, Hema & Amit’s love lives aren’t working perfectly for them, which creates big emotional trauma.

Thinkistan S2

The problems are not just faced by the junior employees but seniors like – Aashiq Jabeer (Satyadip Misra), ‘The calm and wise creative genius’ who is well versed with English, Hindi as well Urdu, also faces problems to work under the new Creative Director – William.  He becomes the victim of bullying because of his sexual preferences.

The web series also focuses on Sexual Harassment at the workplace, this is not just a social responsibility to show but it has got a big plot to it which changes the whole story and shook everyone at the MTMC office. ‘The changing part of the story was here’.

In this season we will also get to see veteran actor Mr. Kabir Bedi in the crucial role of Danish, who is the owner of the ad agency ‘MTMC’.


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Thinkistan S2

The director – Padmakumar Narasimhamurthy, has done a great job to present the story to us. The method of storytelling involving so many characters and sub-plots to make us understand life in an advertising agency is significant and should be appreciated.

According to me, Thinkistan Season 2 is a very contrasting web series. We haven’t seen such a thing in India before, it is a very rare web series. I’ve binged it and I recommend you all to do so.

Now it’s no more about “Idea Jiska, India Uska!”, but the real question is “Kiska Hoga Thinkistan?

Where to watch – MX Player

Language – Hinglish

Avg watch time/episode – 25 min

Total episodes – 12

Watch the trailer here:-

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