Thinkistan Web Series Review

An MXOriginal Series Thinkistan Review!

An MXOriginal Web Series Thinkistan takes us to the late 90’s Era of the Bright and Amazing Advertising world.

Thinkistan takes us to the real advertising world and to the time when English Copywriters were dominating the Hindi Copywriters in the advertising world.

The story revolves around two copywriters of Leading Advertising Agency MTMC, a Hindi copywriter Amit (Naveen Kasturia) from Bhopal who is hardworking and dedicated on the other side it was an English copywriter Hema (Shravan Reddy) who has left an engineering job because he was good with words and tried his luck in advertising.

Both the Characters Amit and Hema excel in their work and get rewarded each and every time a brand needs a new image in the market by presenting amazing ideas and giving the title of the Web Series real justice

“Idea Jiska, India Uska”


Both the lead characters Naveen Kasturia and Shravan Reddy have won many hearts with their charming performances and the chemistry between them has brought up a New Bromance In the House!

A Special Mention to Mandira Bedi who played the role of Anushka so brilliantly and the whole cast for making us live the advertising world of the ’90s in a retro style.

A Loose Screenplay and Somewhat Edit Issues but overall storytelling was amazing and a series to binge-watch.

“Kuch Alag Hai, Dekhlo”

Where to watch : MXPLAYER APP

Language : Hindi

Avg Watch time/Episode : 25 mins

Total Episodes : 11


Reviewed By :- Dharmil Mehta, Founder The Indian Web Series

Watch the Trailer here :-

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