Fathers Season2 Review

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An MX Exclusive Series Fathers’ Season 2 is jam-packed with hilarity, humor and the constant plannings of Shrivastava, Yadav, and Joshi. The much-applauded series, F.A.T.H.E.R.S is back again with the second ride of its rollercoaster. The entire season is decked up the fathers’ trying to get on track, parallel to the young generation.


Fathers Season2 Review

Be it the trend of viral challenges, or the much sensational game; PUBG, or a trendy tattoo; Shrivastava, Yadav, and Mehta never miss an opportunity to tickle our funny bones. The second season brings in a tint of the fathers’ chalked out plans to live all their dreams and passions while maintaining a parallel line with their kids.


Fathers Season2 Review

The first episode begins with planning out a solo trip. Now, here’s the catch, they plan for a solo trip but together. They are all set to dive back to get back their youth.  Shrivastava, Mehta, and Joshi are just us where the group has a super excited kid, a person to chalk out the plan and finally the grumpy, not-so-ready kid.

It’s a true fact; the elder generation is always in a plan to match their pace with the younger ones. The second episode thus unfolds the fathers trying out the viral challenges. The hilarity thus continues to unfold as the fathers try to make their video a viral and sensational one.

Fathers Season2 Web Series

In a similar way, the succeeding episodes also deal with the fathers’ unique permutations and combinations to cope up with the present generations’ trends.

To sum up the entire season, it is all about the fathers’ trying to match up to the young generation. The cast includes Rakesh Bedi as Mehta, Manoj Joshi as Shrivastava, Virendra Saxena as Yadav. The new trio of FATHERS’ unfolds much of the hilarity and humor; the one-liners are also fabulous.


Fathers Season2 Web Series

Prem Mistry directed this amazing ride. The web series has been co-written by Chandan Anand, Jatin Birajdar, Harsh Maheshwari, Pratish Mehta, and Harish Peddinti.

Fathers’ Season 2 has hilariously highlighted the idiosyncrasies of the younger generation. This light-hearted comedy is a perfect family weekend watch.

Directed by –  Prem Mistry

Language –  Hindi

Where to watch – MX Player & TVFplay

Total episodes – 5

Avg watch time/episode – 15 mins.

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