Maanvi Gagroo

Maanvi Gagroo: The First Prominent Female Face on the Web!

She will always be the life of the place she is in, the centre of everyone’s attention and the liveliest woman to have around!

She has the widest smile and even more widening fan base. Yes, she is, the sparkling, the charming and the first prominent female face on the web, Maanvi Gagroo!

Maanvi Gagroo is The Viral Fever’s favourite blue-eyed girl and one of the most talented and cutest face on the internet today.

Maanvi is the classic example of  – What is meant to be, will find its way.

She first auditioned for a role not because she always wanted to be an actor, but because she was bored of waiting for a friend in a cafe! That’s how she landed her first role in a Disney TV series, Dhoom Machao Dhoom, through this chanced and absolutely unplanned audition and then she was lured to come to Bombay!

Post that, nothing really happened magically and just by fluke. It was a difficult road, something no one warned her off. But today, all those terrible failed auditions, judgemental eyes around and the years put it, have paid off well.

Originally from Delhi, Maanvi went back post Dhoom Machao Dhoom, to pursue a degree in psychology.

Not many know that her debut movie was Aamras (2009) which was offered to her after she went back.

Like any good actor with a calling, her love for acting dragged her back to Mumbai and also like any refined actor in our country, Maanvi started acting in theatre. That’s where she met amazingly talented and integral part of TVF, Nidhi Bisht.

She did a few advertisements for Idea! (with Abhishek Bachchan) and small roles in big Bollywood movies, No One Killed Jessica and PK.. but what made her THE face that one identified, was the blooming of one of the biggest web channel, The Viral Fever.

She can rightly be called as the first face of web shows on the Indian web.

TVF’s Pitchers (2015) was the show that marked the arrival of the web series era in India. It was a revolution in itself and Maanvi Gagroo was acknowledged and loved for her role of an ideal, confident, modern working woman and supportive girlfriend.

Tripling (Season 1) happened post that, and the rest, is history!

Since then, she has been a part of some refreshingly new content, in a web show, Four More Shots Please! (Amazon Prime) and a web movie, 377 Ab Normal (Zee5).

That’s not it, She has won the Talent Track Awards and IWM Awards for Best Actress in the year 2017 for TVF’s Tripling, Web Personality of the Year (Female), 2017 and the Talent Track Award, 2019 for the best on-screen couple with Naveen Kasturia.

Maanvi Gagroo’s Instagram posts light up our day because not only does she have those animated eyes and looks, she has the most vibrant persona on screen and so much substance in her acting.

Here’s wishing we get to see much much more of her, in the coming days and years! 🙂


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