Hello Mini Season 2 Review – A Mysterious Thriller

Season 2 of Hello Mini was recently released on MX Player. Featuring Arjun Aneja, Priya Banerjee, and Gaurav Chopra in the lead roles. The thriller drama series revolves around the life of Rivanah Bannerjee. The series takes off exactly where it was left in season 1.

hello mini 2 review

Rivanah is an independent girl living alone in Mumbai, having a perfect life. Things change when a mysterious stranger shows up in her life as a threatening stalker. The intentions of this stalker don’t look quite friendly, this time they are far darker.

hello mini 2 review

This season is full of twists and turns, the psychological thriller shows how Mini handles her life issues along with a bunch of mysterious situations. The series also presents the dark side of the internet and how dangerous it is.

Considering the writing and direction part, it has been done excellently. The series is based on Novoneel Chakraborty’s Stranger Trilogy. Season 2 thrills you and keeps you hooked to your seats.

hello mini 2 review

The acting part is brilliant, Anuja Joshi just nailed the role of Mini. The emotions and personality she absorbed from the character are just excellent. There are very few web series in the psychological genre and one should watch definitely it.

Directed by – Faruk Kabir & Arjun Srivastava

Language – Hindi

Where to watch – MX Player

Average watch time/episode – 22 min

Total Episodes – 10

Check-out the trailer here:

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