dev dd 2 review

Dev DD Season 2 Review – The Bolder Side of Devika

On the 20th of February, AltBalaji released season 2 of Dev DD. The web series casts Asheema Vardan, Sanjay Suri, Nauheed Cyrusi, Aman Uppal, Rashmi Agdekar in the lead.

dev dd 2 review

The series is based on the novel – Devdas by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. It is a story of a girl – Devika Dwivedi who is wild and totally out of your imagination.

At the end of season one we saw Devika has broken up with Anurag and after that, she is now back in her hometown. The second season showcases a bolder side of Devika and her adventures.

dev dd 2 review

This season takes us to Devika’s life in Jaipur. If we compare it with season one, we get a better production quality and better screenplay. Devika’s character is stronger and full of attitude this time.

There are very few new characters in season 2 and the story picks up exactly where it was left in the season 1 finale. This time there are some sub-plots in the story and the web series looks extended.

dev dd 2 review

If you have watched season 1 of Dev DD then you should watch season 2 as the show has raised its bar. Yes, the series is lengthy and takes enough of your time.

Directed by – Ken Ghosh & Harsh Dedhia

Language – Hindi

Where to watch – AltBalaji & Zee5

Average watch time/episode – 20 min

Total Episodes – 17

Check-out the trailer here:

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