Jennifer Winget and Tanuj Virwani Starrer Code M Web Series Review!

Code M – a new web series created and produced by Juggernaut Productions for ALT Balaji and ZEE5. It was released on the 15th of January 2020 i.e. the Indian Army Day. The series is a story of a military lawyer who is assigned a duty to reinvestigate an open and shut case.

The case is about two young guys who got killed by the army and their family claims that they were innocent. Also, in the cross fire, the army lost one of their key soldier.

Starring Jennifer Winget for the first time in web series as Major Monica Mehra. A military lawyer who is a sweet & adorable girl off duty and a rough & tough Major on duty. Mehra loves her job and the pride of our country is her number one priority.

We also get to see Tanuj Virwani as Angad Sandhu who is a defense lawyer of the case. Tanuj has done a great performance in the series with his excellent acting skills. Rajat Kapoor also plays a very interesting role in the series he’s playing Colonel Suryaveer Chauhan who is a strict and disciplined military man, he brings out intensity in the series. But has a very minor mind set.

Code M is a very interesting and contrasting web series. We have usually seen Army and Military series which are based on the border fights of our country. Code M is based on the internal working of Indian Army. Set in Jodhpur, the series has many scenes which represent the culture of Rajasthan.

Code M Web Series ReviewThe main attraction of Code M is definitely Jennifer Winget. She will definitely win your heart with her screen presence and great winsome. Being her debut she literally nailed her role. Code M is a must watch and I recommend you all to just watch first 2 episodes of it and you won’t stop after that.

‘You may know, Mumbai Police, Pune Police, but I am the Indian Army’

                                                                                                    – Major Monica Mehra

Where to watch – Zee5 & AltBalaji

Language – Hindi

Avg watch time/episode  – 25 mins

Total Episodes – 8

Authors Corner- Tanishq Pradhan Writes at The Indian Web Series

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