Baarish Season 2 Review: Sharman Joshi & Asha Negi Are Back!

AltBalaji’s romantic roller coaster web series – Baarish is back with the season 2. Starring Sharman Joshi as Anuj, a Gujarati Businessman and Asha Negi as Gauravi who is a sweet Marathi girl. The lovely couple with a bitter-sweet love story.

baarish 2 reviewThe season 2 majorly focuses on the bitter side of the story. Problems like jealousy and lack of understanding arose and Anuj & Gauravi starts falling apart. The story begins when Anuj swears that they won’t face any financial problems further but fulfilling all the financial needs, vanished the emotional support. The chemistry was falling apart.

baarish 2 reviewAnuj manages to get a lavish lifestyle once again but it was too late because on the other hand his relationship felt apart. The second season is crisp and to the point, there are no unnecessary lengthy moments like we saw in the first season. Though there are many adorable moments of Anju and Gauravi which makes the series even more beautiful.

Baarish 2 review

There are scenes where we see Shreya & Ankit who are also worried about their relationship and trying to find solutions. There is also a special element in the series, we get to see Ekta Kapoor’s father Jeetendra with a stunning debut in the digital industry. He plays the role of Jeetuji Gandhi who is an expert in the diamond industry.

baarish 2 review

Sharman Joshi & Asha Negi, both of them performed brilliantly in the web series. There comes a point in the series when Sharman effortlessly carries the show himself with an outstanding performance. You should definitely watch this series and enjoy this quarantine!

Baarish 2 review

            “AltBalaji’s Romantic Roller Coaster”

Directed by – Nandita Mehra

Language – Hindi

Where to watch – AltBalaji & Zee5

Average watch time/episode – 25 mins

Total Episodes – 10


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