Aarya Web Series Review – Sushmita Sen’s Nerve-Wracking Debut

Hotstar’s Special – Aarya is a suspense thriller and nerve-wracking web series.

Aarya is the official Indian remake of a popular Dutch show Penoza and is created & directed by Ram Madhvani and Sandeep Modi.

aarya web series reviewThe linchpin of this web series is Sushmita Sen inn and as Aarya Sareen.

Aarya is Sushmita Sen’s debut in the Web Series Industry. It seems that she has won our hearts with her screen presence, and exhibiting the character of Aarya to the audience.

aarya web series reviewWe also get to see Chandrachur Singh playing the role of Aarya’s husband – Tej Sareen.

Tej is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company but on the other hand, sells opium-laced fake medicine.

aarya web series reviewThe story is about a happy family with a dark past and many secrets.

However, the real plot twist occurs when Tej suffers a horrible attack and his wife Aarya takes over her husband’s drug business.

aarya web series reviewAbove all, managing a drug business is not an easy task.

The involvement of crookedness, frauds, betrayal, murders, and blackmail makes it strenuous for a lady who also has to take care of her three children – Veer, Arundhati, and Aditya.

The young actors gave a spectacular performance. Adi, despite being the youngest actor, gave an amazing performance.

aarya web series reviewThe Web Series is very interesting and a brain twister.

Episode after episode we get to see a lot of characters in the web series with an amazing storyline.

The involvement of the Drug mafia and Narcotics department makes it a cliffhanger chase.

aarya web series reviewSet in Rajasthan, the show’s plot is all about the drug war. Aarya, who is trying to maintain her family values while dealing with the crooked world.

Meanwhile, sometimes the episodes get a bit lengthy but has a good storyline.

In conclusion, the series is very interesting and we get to feel the thrill & suspense till the last moment.

Binge it to know How far will Aarya go to survive and protect her family?”

Directed by – Sandeep Modi, Vinod Rawat & Ram Madhvani

Language – Hindi

Where to watch – Disney+ Hotstar

Average watch time/episode – 50 mins

Total Episodes – 9

Check out the trailer here :

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