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5 Reasons one must watch The Office (India) By Hotstar

Of course, the tenth official adaptation of the all-time favorite sitcom The Office (UK) becomes a must watch for every fan. Streaming online on Hotstar Specials, The Office (India) has its own reasons to be watched by everyone.

Listed below are my reasons for why you should be binge-watching this, as soon as possible:

  1. Selection of the cast.

The cast can always be cited as one of the greatest reasons for the success of any show and the same is applied for The Office (India).

The portrayal and the picturization of each character simply fit the puzzle perfectly. Talented names like Mukul Chadda, Gauahar Khan, Gopal Dutt, Gavin Methalaka, Samridhi Dewan, Sayandeep Sengupta, and others make the show a good watch.

  1. Adaptation of the cast from The Office (UK):

Apart from the show being a loyal adaptation and also its cast, the entire “Indian-ised” concept of the UK sitcom and the US adaptation, give us another major reason to binge watch on this.

Mukul Chadda as Jagadeep Chadda who is none but Carell’s Michael Scott, Samridhi Dewan as receptionist Pammi: Jenna Fischer’s Pam Beesly, Gopal Dutt as TP Mishra: Rainn Wilson’s Dwight Schrute, Gauahar Khan as Riya Phawa: Melora Hardin’s Jan Levinson, and others. Does this not sounding appealing?

  1. The phenomenal acting by the cast:

The script, just like its parent show is funny. But like the cherry on the cake, the acting also added a feather to the cap. From Mukul Chadda, Gauahar Khan, Gopal Dutt, everyone deserves a standing ovation for their effort and hard work.

The selection of the cast and also the placement of the characters against each of them were just like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle falling into the perfect places.

  1. The “Indianised” chapter of the UK sitcom:

Though it has been the 10th official adaptation of The Office (UK), the Indianised episodes did do its wonders. Keeping intact the integrity of the actual story and plot, both the writers, the directors worked to bring out the best of the show in Hindi.

The comic reliefs, the seriousness at some points, everything is perfectly molded into the Indian concepts of office. And how to forget the dialogues. “Yeh Mera jungle hai and main Yaha ka Sher!”. It does fit perfectly for every boss, what say?

  1. One of the most vital points, The Direction:

Apart from everything which has been cited above, the Direction is the major contributing factor for The Office’s success as a sitcom. The duo, Rohan Sippy and Debbie Rao, did wonders to this web series. No doubt that it had been pretty difficult to work on the adaptation of a sitcom which has been already produced nine times in different languages.

Hence, to keep up with the specialty and also providing the sitcom with an Indian touch surely had been a challenging task, but they had presented before the audience a crisp and funny version of the all-time favorite The Office (UK).

Apart from all of these reasons, there are many other reasons for which you should watch the web series. No doubt that the Indian Adaptation of The Office is a must watch.

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