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MX Player’s latest web series is “High” on a magic pill. The web series talks about drug addiction and the competition between pharma giants and herbal healthcare enthusiasts over the correct cure approach towards ailments. High is directed by Nikhil Rao and includes Akshay Oberoi, Ranvir Shorey, Mrinmayee Godbole, Shweta Basu Prasad, and Kunal Naik.

mx player high review

The story of High starts with Shiv Mathur, a rich guy who falls into the trap of the drug world. Everything changed when he experienced a near-death incident due to the overdose and the next, he sees was a facility-cum-rehabilitation center. The story takes off when Shiv gets introduced to “Magic Pill” developed by Dr. Roy (Prakash Belawadi) and his team – Shweta (Shweta Basu Prasad) and Nakul (Nakul Bhalla).

mx player high review

The herbal magic pill was a substitute to all other drugs and soon the trouble begins when the pill was introduced to the open market. The pharma industry and drug lord Munna (Kunal Naik) doesn’t like the idea of the Magic pill because it had the potential to kill their business.

mx player high review

We also get to see Ranvir Shorey who plays the role of Jackson Lakda, a ruthless killer who is depressed due to his past. And Mantra Mugdh who plays the role of a DJ, both Ranvir & Mantra gave comic relief to the tense and intense drama series.

mx player high review

We haven’t seen many web series like High in the Indian web series space. The nine-episode series is interesting and has a different kind of vibe to it. The story also has a parallel flashback track to it. So basically, we get to see two stories running parallelly in the series, one in the present and the other in the 70s.

The director – Nikhil Rao and the team of actors have made an effort to show cast the raw reality and we have seen very few series like “High”. One must give a shot to this 9-episode series.

Language – Hindi

Where to watch – MX Player

Average watch time/episode – 40 mins

Total Episodes – 9

Check out the trailer:

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