bandish bandits review

Bandish Bandits Review – A Fine Blend Of Contemporary & Eternal Music

Amazon Prime India’s commitment to bring innovative stories works well, yet again. It’s the latest offering, Bandish Bandits, which is a unique attempt to capture the glory of classical music in India.

Bandish Bandits, basically a musical drama, is created and directed by Anand Tiwari and Amritpal Singh Bindra.

bandish bandits review

The story is based around Radhe, an Indian classical music prodigy, who trains under his grandfather, Pandit Radhe Mohan Rathod. It moves onto describe the different musical gharanas, their identity, and legacies, and how the auto-tuned music industry makes it tough for their survival.

bandish bandits review

The other protagonist happens to be Tamanna Sharma, who must prove herself, through her music, to be able to collaborate with the greatest performer in the world, Queen Eli.

bandish bandits review

Both of them meet in a concert and the subtle way in which they fall in love, make awesome music together and also fight but most importantly stick to each other is adorable.

bandish bandits review

This show is a tribute to Indian classical music and gives us a slice of the ever-lasting debate between classical music and modern pop music.

The show has an ensemble cast of great actors. Ritwik Bhowmik and Shreya Chaudhary justified their characters. Naseeruddin Shah’s debut in the web series world and he is superb as always.

bandish bandits review

Rajesh Tailang and Sheeba Chadha never disappoint us with their art. Rahul Kumar and Kunaal Roy Kapur are perfect with their comic timings and give the much-needed dose of laughter, frequently. Amit Mistry gets greater screentime and amazes with his talent.

bandish bandits review

Atul Kulkarni is the icing on this beautiful cake. You will be in a dilemma whether to like his character or love him. But you won’t be able to hate him. Tridha Choudhury captures eyeballs in a small cameo.

bandish bandits review

How can we not love Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music! We fell in love with all the songs and also with classical music. All thanks to their efforts and hard work. The song Chedkhaniyan is refreshing and will take your hearts on a small trip in this lockdown!

bandish bandits review

Set in Rajasthan, the stunning cinematography and the long drone shots of Jodhpur makes everyone ecstatic to visit the place once in life for sure.

Some episodes seem a bit stretched but the savior is the melodious songs. A must watch for everyone, who still craves for emotions, expressions, anxiety, success, jealousy and unfulfilled ambitions in stories.

Bandish Bandits

All in all, a great show for artists, with valuable pearls of wisdom on art.
“Jo mehsoos na kiya ho usse prastuth karna ek kalakaar ka dharam hota hai.”

Having a gloomy day? Only a show like Bandish Bandits, with such spectacular music, will lift your spirits.

Directed by: Anand Tiwari

Language: Hindi

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Average watch time/episode: 40 mins

Total Episodes: 10

Check out the trailer here:


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