The Office Review

The Office Review: Hotstar’s Official Indian Adaptation, Heads or Tails?

After the success of the other nine adaptations of The Office (UK, 2001), it’s time for us to indulge ourselves into the fun portrayal of The Office with the official tenth adaptation by hotstar.

Co-produced by Applause Entertainment in association with BBC studios India and directed by Rohan Sippy and Debbie Rao, The office (India) has finally made its appearance on the online platform Hotstar on 28th of June.

The Office India, features Mukul Chaddha as Jagdeep Chaddha (Carell’s Michael Scott), Gopal Dutt as TP Mishra(Rainn Wilson’s Dwight Schrute), Sayandeep Sengupta as Amit Sharma (John Krasinski’s Jim Halpert), Abhinav Sharma as Sapan Gill(B.J.Novak’s Ryan Howard), Gavin Methalaka as T.K.Kutty(Brian Baumgartner’s Kevin Malone), Gauahar Khan as Riya Phawa(Melora Hardin’s  Jan Levinson) and Samridhi Dewan as receptionist Pammi (Jenna Fischer’s Pam Beesly).

Starring the extremely talented Mukul Chadda as the over friendly Boss, Jagdeep Chadda, the plot of this 13 episode mockumentary revolves around the 9-5 office life of the staffs at Wilkins Chawla Paper Company, Faridabad.

From the portrayal of the fun-loving and the jolly branch manager to the trust-worthy and “strict of principles” man TP Mishra and the slow peeks of the love triangle between Pammi, Amit and Parmeet, the character of the straight-forward NCR manager Riya Phawa and the grumpy accountant T.K Kutty, the web series is surely the slice of comic that is present in abundance in the offices.

The plot presents to its audience a visual of the office romances, the comic reliefs, the ridiculousness, and the sweet and sour bonding that the office colleagues share.

The Office(India) surely caters to the present taste of the young minds. Along with Mukul Chadda, the cast includes Gopal Dutt, Sayandeep Sengupta, Samridhi Dewan, Gauahar Khan, Abhinav Sharma, Gavin Methalaka, Ranvir Shorey, Priyanka Sethia, Sunil Jethy, Chien Ho Liao, Preeti Kochar, Nehpal Gautam, and Mayur Bansiwal.

The genius portrayal of the characters and the comic instances, while the plot subtly presents to us a mocked version of the office environments. No doubt that it is safe to conclude that the character of Jagdeep Chadda (played by Mukul Chadda) is the kind of boss we all long for.

“Yeh Mera jungle hai and main yeha ka Sher!” no wonder that every boss feels so.

In case you are one of those who are caged in The office jungles, binge watch it as soon as possible.

The Indian version is a tough sell for those who have seen the UK and US versions but we can’t criticize before watching all 13 Episodes.

A Indian Adaptation of The Office worth a watch.

Language: Hindi

Directed by: Rohan Sippy and Debbie Rao

Where to Watch: Hotstar

Total Episodes: 13

Average watch time/episode: 20mins


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