Humorously Yours Season2 Review: Vipul Goyal Is Back!

After 4 years of long wait Humorously Yours Season2 and our favorite Vipul Goyal is back, he is now a famous and alot busier stand-up comedian.

The show has a perfect script to engage the audience, consisting of jokes, sarcasm and enough of our favorite Bushi’s humour.

Vipul is a married man in his thirties and the chemistry between him and his wife Kavya has enough twists and turns. The show focused on Kavya’s boring life as Vipul is now a busy comic. Also, she is jealous as now Vipul has a huge female fan base.

Abhishek Banerjee as Bushi has performed incredibly as Vipul’s travel companion and obviously “Best Friend”. Sahil Verma as Punit Lamba is Vipul’s new “M for Manager” who has a bulky personality to convince anyone.

Vipul has to face a private encounter with a fan girl – Devika Manchanda played by Anupriya Goenka who is eventually Vipul’s college mate and now she has a huge crush on Vipul. Her interest in Vipul puts Kavya into stress. Being a simple and supporting wife, Kavya overcomes her stress and Vipul again wins her heart.

Also Jitendra Kumar’s cameo as RJ Mastikhor is appreciated and as we know Jeetu bhaiya never fails to entertain us.

The screenplay is based on everday life of Vipul – now as a successful comic. The struggles and hardwork is what builds a successful comic.

“The success you know, the struggle you don’t”

Directed by : Deepak Kumar Mishra
Language : Hindi
Where to watch : TVF Play & MX Player
Total Episodes : 4
Avg Watch Time/episode. : 28 min

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