KotaFactory Web Series Review

TVF Original Kota Factory Web Series Review!

KotaFactory revolves around the concept based on the life of IIT aspirants based in Kota. Many leave home and travel long distances living their home at a very young age to pursue the dream to enter into IIT.

Once you start working, it’s very difficult to take out time to blog. I haven’t been able to watch anything for the past month except for one show, KotaFactory.

The name, the makers, the team and the cast, enough for me to struggle & squeeze in 40 minutes of my jam-packed week into watching India’s first black & white web series.

As a past student of competitive exams(CA), it was very easy for me to relate to this show. So, I can very well vouch for how much people from the engineering field will enjoy this.

Watching this show would be the highlights of my week, I could see the beauty in it & how! TVF, it’s high time, we request you guys to enter into the cinema world. Many may go unemployed once you enter.

What class writing & thoughts! It’s as if you guys have direct access to the viewer’s mind & heart!  Bull’s eye every single time! 

The cast, bang on! Each one! From the protagonists to the background artists, all were just the right ones.

The dialogues and some scenes in each episode have created a powerful impact and have connected millions of people, Right from Jeetu Bhaiya’s Dialogue to Vaibhav’s monologue to Shivangi’s Advice to Vaibhav-Meena and Vaibhav-Vartika’s Chemistry to the final touch of Uday’s words all have a separate fan base!

A special thankyou to each and everyone who has been a part of the journey of KotaFactory for creating such an amazing web series!

Binge this show as soon as you can!

Directed by: Raghav Subbu

Written by: Saurabh K, Abhishek Y, Himanshu C, Sandeep J

Starring: Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Ahsaas Channa, Jitendra Kumar, Revathi Pillai, Urvi Singh

Language: Hindi

Where to watch: TVF Play App, Youtube

Total Episodes :- 5

Avg Watchtime/ Episode:- 40 mins


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Edited By :- Dharmil Mehta, Founder The Indian Web Series

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