Mom&Co Web Series Review

Mom & Co. Web Series Review – ‘Aai Will Manage’

Mom & Co. is one such web series which is very relatable in today’s time when kids are generally not around parents for education, jobs & career responsibilities. They neglect the existence of the ever-so-patient mother waiting for just one call from you. You remember your dad most often when you are in dire need of cash.

It often happens when we underestimate the presence of a closed one in our life. We don’t even realize that the one person whom we need the most also awaits mutual respect from us, which we often fail to deliver.

Parents, the first ones in the world to have seen & nurtured us in our worst forms, imagine coming out of your mom smeared in blood & crying like shit, yet that moment becomes the only moment of our parents lives.

They are the most vulnerable around us, especially when it comes to our wishes, “demands”, safety & happiness. They can turn mountains around for that one smile of a lifetime.

Those who stay with their parents hardly spend time with them because they are old & senile. This is one common phenomenon.

One thing that unintentionally happens in such a scenario is you end up hurting your folks so much that it becomes very difficult for them to cope with that emotional stress.

In this web series, Ayush plays Aditya, a similar man who starts discovering a very beautiful unexplored friendship with his mom, played by Neelimaji by way of starting a catering business with her.

They have their share of differences throughout, but the conviction with which these two brilliant actors have played their roles; it will seem as if they are any normal dysfunctional family around your neighborhood.

Neelimaji is one terrific artists & I wouldn’t mind watching her more in roles different from this one. She can do wonders!

Ayush, Filtercopy’s heartthrob, we’ve often seen you in comic videos of FilterCopy, but in this show, you have delivered sheer talent. Aditya could never have been the same of someone else played that part.

I waited every Saturday 7pm eagerly for the episode to go on air & never even for once was I disappointed with any of the 10 episodes. Good for you guys that now you can binge it all at once! Plus, I am a huge foodie, so your taste buds will be drooling throughout show because of the amazing food they prepare on it!

Directed by: Ashish Ranglani

Written by: Shyni Shetty, Aarsh Vora

Starring: Neelima Azim, Ayush Mehra, Shreya Gupto

Language: Hindi

Where to watch: The Zoom Studios Channel, YouTube

Total Episodes :- 10

Average Watch-time/Episode :- 21 mins

The Indian Web Series Rating:- 3.9/5


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Prashansha Agarwal Writes at The Indian Web Series

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