Flames Web Series Best Moments

Five Beautiful Moments from Flames Web Series #पढ़ाई और प्यार that stole our Hearts!

Flames Web Series is a cute love story in which the actors, Ritvik Sahore, Tanya Maniktala, Sunakshi Grover and Shivam Kakar, have beautifully wrapped in their own characters.

The entire flames web series flows through your mind and heart like a wave of innocent love but there are a few moments which make your heart skip a beat!

1.The First Look

Flames Web Series that moment when Rajjo sees Ishita for the first time!
Source: The Timeliners

Remember how there was that one cute girl in the other class who came to your class for the first time, you looked at her half nervous and half puppy face requesting for permission to borrow something and then she smiled, put her hair behind her ears and left in a whiff after churning up a tornado of feelings in you? 

That’s exactly what Ishita does to Rajjo when she comes to his class and he sees this new girl, for the first time.

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2.The First Introduction

Flames Web Series when Rajjo Is Introduced to Ishita for First Time!
Source: The Timeliners

Once you’ve seen them, you cannot take their face out of your head, you stalk their social media profile and keep admiring them from the distance. And then, one day, your friend casually introduces you to them.

The first time you say hi, that first handshake when you forget to let go of her tender hands and she looks at you with a shy smile and those deep eyes. Haaye!

3.The First (Unofficial) Date

Flames Web Series When Rajat and Ishita Go on a date for the first time!
Source: The Timeliners

The first bunk together is always special. There is the nervousness of getting caught yet the thrill to just be with them and have all their time to yourself and then that moment when they ask you, “Can we hug?” All you say is, “Huh?” As if you’ve heard something unreal! 

Rajjo’s hands slowly open up to take her in his arms and at that moment he probably doesn’t even know/remember how to hug. There is a brief moment when he puts his arm around her.

In Rajjo’s words: “Aise feeling thi jaise 10th ke boards khatam hue ho!”

Pyaare Log!

4.The Aftermath of a Fight

Flames Web Series Rajat, Pandu and Anusha's friendship moment!
Source: The Timeliners

The moment when Pandu and Rajat apologize to each other and hug and Anusha jumps to join them will remind you of your best buddies and the scene from YJHD when Bunny and Avi hug after a fight and Aditi joins them for a group hug.

Because Kuch dost humare Carbon hote hai, Ek Baar bond bana lete hai, toh kabhi nahi toddte!

5.The Unexpected Kiss

Flames Web Series Rajat Ishita's first Kiss Moment!
Source: The Timeliners

Nothing beats the high of patching up with your crush after a fight. There is a sense of newness in your romance!

When Rajjo and Ishita are in the rickshaw (on the way to their second bunk together!), all they can do is smile, looking away from each other. 

And then when he’s looking out from the rickshaw, she leans ahead and gives him an unexpected peck on his cheek and immediately looks to the other side. There is so much going on at that moment. She’s feeling too overwhelmed, he’s feeling over the top happy, she’s shy and he doesn’t know what to do.

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The kiss just binds everything together, it speaks what words couldn’t have spoken at that moment. 

Rukk Jaa Oh Dil Deewane plays in the backdrop, Rajat and Ishita look at each other with their eyes full of the innocent puppy love and you, as an audience, are filled with mushiness and that’s where the director, Apoorva Singh Karki, rolls down for the season finale with the team!

Is there even a single reason to not wait for season 2?

I am sure you’ll agree there’s none! 🙂



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