ImMature Web Series Review – Life Mein Pehli Baar, Cherishing Unforgettable School Memories!


IMmature Web Series is all about Beautiful school memories.

People always say, After you grow old you will miss your school, school ka pata nahin but school friends ko definitely miss karoge! ❤

The fights in recess times between students because he was flirting with your crush!

This series is all about the memories of school when your one Pheku friend brags about having a girlfriend, being rich, telling stories about his dad and all crazy stuff.

The first time you think of having your own bike and then convincing your Mom and Dad to gift you one, bribing them to study hard!

“Papa ke pass Game khelne ke liye Computer Mangoge toh nahi milega But Science Project ke liye Computer Mangoge toh Jatt se mil Jayega”

When you don’t get what you want you get mad and when you disobey your parents and get a tight slap from your Dad at that time you definitely have a hangover for many days!

After all that fuzz finally there is someone who makes you feel good and that is none other than your first crush your first love of school, first ride, first bunk, first time roaming with her holding hands together, and first kiss.

This are some magical moments you will never forget!


Every student in his school life has a crush on his teacher and when they get married the whole school get’s upset!

The first time you go to drink with your friends when your heart breaks and your buddy says “Aaj launde Mard Banenge” and many such moments have been captured in the show which will keep you upright till the end!


All the four characters of the IMmature web series Rashmi Agdekar as Chaavi, Omkar Kulkarni as Dhruv, Chinmay Chandranshuh as Kabir and Visshesh Tiwari as Susu are amazing and will definitely put a smile on your face, which is making us remember our school days and I bet it is the best feeling you would have had in the last few days!

A Special Mention to all the senior actors of Tvf Jitendra Kumar, Badri Chavan, Nidhi Singh, Gopal Datt, Biswapati Sarkar, Nidhi Bisht and Sameer Saxena for a short but impactful and comic appearance which made us smile throughout the web series!

Thank you, Prem Mistry, for directing a wonderful series and Abhishek Yadav, Suprith Kundar and Nishaad Javeri for writing such a wonderful script which made us laugh and cry at the same time cherishing the memories of our school life!

I urge each and every web series lover to watch IMmature web series and enjoy glimpses of your school days!

Thank you, TVF for this beautiful creation!❤

“Kahani Sunana Toh Koi Aapse Sikhe, TVF”

Thankyou MXPlayer for launching such a beautiful creation on India’s Biggest Offline Video Platform!

IMmature web series is the first ever Indian Web Series which was a part of Cannes International Series Festival last year, even before releasing!

Where to watch: MX PLAYER APP

Language: HINDI

Avg Watch time/Episode: 23 mins

Total Episodes: 5

The Indian Web Series Ratings: 4.8/5

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