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7 Moments from YehMeriFamily that made us remember our 90’s!

“Yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hai.

Ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukda nahi khaa paoge…”

Hain na? TVF’s “Yeh Meri Family” is just that mithai ka dibba!

Bryan Adams had made so many of us nostalgic with his song describing his Summer of ’69. And here comes, Harshal Gupta urf Harshu narrating his Summer of ‘98.

The show revolves around a quintessential middle class Indian family in the late 1990’s, a pot bellied loving father and husband, three kids with the eldest brother being a nerd, the innocent youngest daughter living in her own dream world, the perfect mother (because mothers are just that in any and every era; always perfect) and the naughtiest yet responsible and most endearing middle sibling who is always up to something!

The entire show is filled with nostalgia but here are seven moments from the show that totally made us remember our 90’s:

1) “Garmiyan season nahi, tyohaar hota hai”

Because summer vacations were always special, weren’t they?!

Three months of doing absolutely nothing and goofing around with your closest friends – eating golas, reading comics, talking over the phone and sometimes, unluckily (or rather luckily) attending extra tuition classes, storing water in the ‘matka’, house renovation, bringing out the special God for the festival – the cooler! and the most special part of summers – mangoes and more mangoes!

2) “Mera birthday meri khushi ke liye nahi, apne mazze ke liye manana hai!”

Every kid entering his teenage would want to celebrate his birthday with his friends, but every mother would make it a point to throw a big, ribbons and balloons filled birthday party for her kid by inviting almost the entire neighbouring area’s parents and their kids home and then saying, “Beta, dance dikhao!”

3) “Agar mujhe batting nahi milegi toh main bat nahin dunga!”

The most prestigious position for every kid – to be able to bat and the most basic rule – Jiska bat, uski batting! 

Summer vacations meant a lot of cricket and cricket tournaments and the yearning to find a place in the team. And there would always be a strong opposition player of the team from the other colony who scared all of us, until Papa steps in 😉

4) “Mummy Kajol ho sakti hai; Papa, Shahrukh? Impossible!”

Taking dad to school on result day was almost every kid’s dreaded moment. “Papa kabhi nahi soochte ki chaar dost kya kahenge!” is probably something each one of us had thought! Dads would either dress uncool or talk something uncool and we would end up being embarrassed.

Until, the day we see them step out of their usual image and display their suppressed and forgotten talents to us that reinstills our belief in the unacknowledged superhero of our life – Papa.

Because “Papa cool dikhte nahi hai, papa cool hai!”

5) “Usne mera Hulk Hogan le liya!”

Undertaker, Kamala, HitMan, Yokozuna. Rings a bell, right? Remember how WWE trump cards were the most valuable collection the 90’s kid ever had? Each player had a rank and losing the rank 1 was bigger than the sorrow of failing an exam.

And the Walkman? Delight for every music lover in times when we didn’t have iPods and Bluetooth speakers.

And remember the old cassettes with two sides to it and lyrics printed inside the cover? How we tried to learn the lyrics of English songs to sound cool? Reminds me of ‘Smack that’. Haha and what did you think of?

And since we are at it, remember phantom cigarettes?!

Oh, simple good ol’ days!


6) “Slam Book betaji, ladki log ko janne ka shortcut!”

The BBM, the WhatsApp, the Instagram, the Snapchat and their likes combined together was, the Slam Book. It was an art to choose the one with the right questions: “My favourite song”, “my likes/dislikes” or “my favourite food”. But the most special one – “You are my _______” 😉

Sometimes we filled some pages on our own to show our ‘popularity’ but the real deal was to get it filled by our crush. A lot of subtle hints and school love were the result of these Slam Books. You have been there and done that, haven’t you? 😉

7) “Aadmi parivaar ka nahi, parivaar aadmi ka hissa hota hai!”

And above all, Yeh Meri Family Web Series is almost your own story what with the love-hate-love bond between two brothers, the mummy papa ki pari daughter, the comparison between siblings in school, the innocent school love, the mother who understands every child’s unsaid desire, the father who never misses a chance to make us smile, the cute chup chup ke wala pyaar between the parents and how each child thought, “Kuch cheeze naa hi pata chale toh better hai!” Haha 😛

If you’re a 90’s kid, you should definitely watch YehMeriFamily Web Series to relive your childhood.

If you’re a 90’s parent, you will laugh at the relatability.

And above all, you should watch this one to relieve the good old simpler pre-millennium days once more!

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